Mageplaza Frequently Bought Together extention will display native related products in the product page, and has the Add all items to cart feature that makes it easy for customers to add a list of items to their shopping cart. This extension suggests the right products which might attract buyers in further purchasing, or makes it easy for shoppers to find other products. It also dramatically increases the value of orders, sales, profits for you business.

Download & Install

You can download from the following resouces:

- Mageplaza
- Magento Marketplace
- How to Install


Here how Frequently Bought Together block appears in your shopping site

How to configure

After logging to Magento Admin, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extension > Frequently Bought Together

General configuration

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extension > Frequently Bought Together, choose General Configuration sections

- In the Enable Frequently Bought Together field: choose "Yes" to enable extension. Here some rough sketch how this module works.
- The Frequently Bought Together list is under the Product image and on the Product Description tab.
- There will be a horizontal line separating the list from the Product image.
- Products included in the Frequently purchased together list are from the Related Products in the Backend.

- In the Block name field
- Name the Frequently Bought Together block displaying in Product page.
- The block’s name will be displayed in default as “Frequently Bought Together”.
- If you don’t need a name for block, leave it blank.

- In the Number of Products field
- The number of the product is displayed by the default in the list as Number +1, including the selected products.
- If leaving this field blank or = 0, it will display all Related Products in the list

- In the Enable Add to Wishlist button field
- Choose Yes to display Add all items to Wishlist button on the frontend
- Add to Wishlist button only works when you have logged in an account. If not, it will redirect to the login page

- In the Remove Native Related Products Block field
- Choose Yes to not display Block Related Products that is the default of Magento
- When you choose No, Block Related Products of Magento will show under the Product Description Detail field.

- In the Separator Image is the minor plus button among products
- Valid file should be jpg, png and *gif
- If you like our plus image as default, it’s ok to leave it blank.

How to add Related Products

Related Products refers those products which have a certain link to each other evaluated by buyer’s frequently shopping habit. So we will take The Related Products advantage apply it in the Frequently Bought Together extension. Based on the Related Products, the extension will filter out the products that can be purchased with the product that the customer is selecting, thereby helping customers shop more, increase store revenue.

Follow this instruction to know how to add your custom combination related product, offer visitors better choice.

- Back to the Magento’s Admin page again, choose Products > Inventory > Catalog, choose the product you want add Related Product to it.

- Scroll down until the Related Product, Up-sells, and Cross-sells reaches your eyesight, choose black Add Related Product button.

- In the Add Related Products, tick preferred items you wish to add. When you’ve done, choose red Add Selected Product near the header of the page.

- You will be redirected back to Product page, don’t forget clicking the Save button.

- Finally, check on the frontend. Go the the product detail page on the frontend to check again.

And now you can back to the live site to check the completed result.
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