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In this guide, we will show to add a Google Universal Analytics (include eCommerce Tracking).
Before doing this step, make sure you have added user-defined variables.
In your Google Tag Manager Workspace go to Tags, click New to add a new Tag.

Try Google Analytics extension

Step 1: Setup Google Universal Analytics

In Google Tag Manage Page:

- Click on Tag Configuration to choose tag type: Universal Analytics.
- Add Trigger: Click on Triggering, choose All Pages

add a new Tag

Watch this screencast step by step

How to Setup Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Step 2: Set a goal on Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics

Navigate to Admin > View > Goals


Then add New Goal

Goal setup choose Custom
Goal description: Fill Make a Transaction
- Type: Select Destination
Goal details > Destination: choose Regular expression then fill the following:


This support Default Thank you page, Mageplaza Thank you page

Then click Save > Done

new goal

Step 3: Check the result

Now you can see eCommerce Tracking data in your Google Analytics: Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview


Try Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking
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