One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2, developed by Mageplaza, is the best marketing tool which helps you to reduce your store abandonment cart, increase conversion rate and totally grow your store revenue. That extension helps customers checkout quickly and conveniently in one page with all six steps. Many outstanding plugins such as Ajax loading, Google address suggestion, Auto-update order information, Apply coupon on the checkout page, Support multi payment methods will improve your checkout page and make it more powerful and more effective.

Mageplaza One Step Checkout for Magento 2 User Guide will provide the detailed instructions to know How to use on the frontend and How to Config on the backend.

I. How to use

After adding the right products in the cart, the customer will be navigated to the checkout page. The checkout page will be shown with all six steps as the image below.

A one-step checkout will be totally done on one page only by completing information and selecting options.

1.1. Log In / Sign Up

Proceed the checkout with customer's existed information by a click on the blue link "Already have an account, click here to login". A pop-up box will appear to allow buyers to fill in their accounts as below:

Otherwise, buyers are able to purchase without registering an account
Buyers can create a new account at the same time when selecting the box Create Account:

1.2. Shipping Address

Customers enter their personal information into required fields (which are marked by a red ````).
In the box Street Address, One Step Checkout helps displayìng a list of addresses suggested automatically by typing only one letter. Furthermore, Country, City and State/Province will be consequently auto-updated based on the selected street address.

1.3. Billing Address

Buyers can tick the box My billing and shipping address are the same to have their item(s) delivered to their billing address. Otherwise, the Billing Address section allows buyers to fill in their information to check out.

1.4. Shipping Method

Depending on the configuration in the backend, the shipping method will be variable to meet customers' requirements.
Admin can add more other shipping methods at the backend Sale > Shipping Method. You can refer here for more information.
Buyers can choose their favourable time to receive delivery at Delivery Time. This extension is entirely compatible with OSC
Also, buyers can enter their house security code if it's neccessary.
Moreover, One Step Checkout module allows buyers to leave their comments about the orders, products in the Comments field

1.5. Payment Method

One Step Checkout allows customers to quickly select their favorable payment method only by a single click.
Admin can add more other payment methods at the backend Sale > Payment Method. You can refer here for more information.

1.6. Order Review and Place Order

In the Order Review section, One Step Checkout allows buyers to easily adjust their item's quantity by using the minus/plus button.
Subtotal, shipping fee, tax and grand total are displayed clearly by One Step Checkout.
One Step Checkout enables customers to apply coupon in the Apply Discount Code box.
The box Sign up for newsletter can be selected if customers desire to receive information from the online store via email.
Customers may request the purchased product to be wrapped and send a gift message with that product.
Terms and conditions will be displayed in a pop-up box and can be accepted by clicking on I agree with terms and conditions.
Eventually, the one step checkout can be finished by a click on the Place Order button. The whole process is completed in one page only.
Seal block is displayed to make sure this is the official checkout page of the store, not forged.

1.7. Quickly add Product and Coupon by URL

Customer can quickly add a certain number of Products by SKU by adding some information at the URL
Supported Product Types include: Simple Product, Configurable Product, Downloadable Product
Customers can also quickly add Coupon when inserting information to the URL
Adding Product: For example, adding 2 products with SKU is MH01 and MN23 to OSC at store with website: [MH01] = 2 & sku [MN23] = 3

- Add Coupon: For example, add a coupon with the code COUPON123 to the OSC at the store with a website: coupon = COUPON123

- Add Coupon and Product at the same time: For example, add 2 products with SKU as MH01 and coupon with code CO COONON123 to OSC at store with website: [MH01] = 2 & coupon = COUPON123

II. How to configure

Login to Magento Admin, following our given guide below to complete One Step Checkout configuration

Field Management
General Configuration
Display Configuration
Design Configuration

2.1. Field Management

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > One Step Checkout > Manage Fields. Drag and drop tabs from Available fields to Sorted fields to have them appeared in the checkout page.

2.2. Configuration

2.2.1. General Configuration

Open the Stores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > One Step Checkout > General Configuration section:

In the Enable One Step Checkout field: Select "Yes" to enable One Step Checkout extension.
In the One Step Checkout Page Title field: Enter the page title you want.
In the One Step Checkout Description field: Enter the short description to describe the One Step Checkout page.
In the Default Shipping Method field: Set default shipping method in the checkout process.
In the Default Payment Method field: Set default payment method in the checkout process.
In the Allow Guest Checkout field:

Select "Yes" to allow checking out as a guest. Also, guests can create an account on the checkout page.
Select “No (require create account)” : Guest must enter password to create account at checkout
Select “No (require login)”: Guest must login before checkout

In the Auto-redirect to One Step Checkout page field: Select "Yes" to turn this function on
In the Show Billing Address field: Select "Yes" to allow shipping items to a different address from billing address.
In the Use Auto Suggestion Technology field: Select one of the following options:

No: if you don't want to use auto-suggestion technology
Google: if you select Google option, when the customer fills address fields, it will suggest a list of full addresses.

In Google API Key field: Insert the Key. About how to get this key, you can refer this guide
In Restrict the auto suggestion for a specific country field: Select default country for Billing address and Shipping address.

Enable GeoIP: GeoIP allows you to lookup the approximate location of an IP address. If store owners enable this function, when a customer comes to the checkout page, State, country, city and zip code will be automatically entered based on his current IP address. Ask customers fill less, they will buy yours more! You need install GeoIP Mageplaza Extension to use this function.

Select No: If you don’t want to use GeoIP

Select Yes to enable GeoIP Extension.

Route: Allow admin to modify the URL route of One Step Checkout Page. You can left this field blank if you want to use the default route which is onestepcheckout.

2.2.2. Display Configuration

Make your way to MStores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > One Step Checkout

Open the Display Configuration section, and continue with following:

In the Show Login Link field: Set "Yes" to show the Login link which allows the customer to sign in. Leave "No" to disable this link.
Show/Hide Footer/Header: Depending on each theme that the checkout page will or will not display the Header/Footer of that page.

With themes which display, choose Yes in this section to make it also display in the One Step Checkout page and choose No to hide it

With themes which not, you can pass this config

In the Discount Code Section field:

Select "No" to hide Apply Discount Code box on the Checkout page.
Select "In Payment Area" to display the Apply Discount Code box in the Payment Methods area.
Select "In Review Area" to display the Apply Discount Code box in the Review Order area.

In the Show Order Comment field: Select "Yes" to show the Order Comment box that allows the customer to enter their comment on the order.
In the Enable Gift Message on order field: Select "Yes" to show the Gift Message box that allows the customer to enter their gift message.

In the Enable Gift Messages on item field: This means you will be able to send gift message for each of item. Enable to use this function by choosing “Yes"

In the Show Terms and Conditions field: You can choose "No" to not display the Terms and Conditions* OR select "YES" to display it in two different positions: In Payment Area and In Review Area. Review Cart Section

In the Show Order Review Section field: The Order Review is enabled by default, if you want to disable to review order, let select "Disabled" option.
Show Product List Toggle: Choose Yes so customers can shorten the product list before checkout
In the Show Product Thumbnail Image field: Choose "Yes" to show thumbnail Gift Wrap

Select "Yes" if you allow the customer to choose Gift Wrap option. After choosing, the change will be applied automatically to the order.If you allow showing Gift Wrap option, two following fields will be shown:

Calculate Method field, select Per Order or Per Item to calculate the gift wrap fee based on the item quantity or the order total. Comment box will be shown at the Shipping Method area.

Amount field, enter the gift wrap fee. If you leave it blank, Gift wrap fee = 0 Newsletter

Select "Yes" if you want to show Sign up newsletter selection.
Checked Newsletter by default will be displayed. Select “Yes” to keep this item be checked as always. Survey

Set "Yes" to allow store owner can issue a survey question to buyers when they placed order successfully, some additional fields will be expanded.

Survey Question: The questionnaire is filled in this section

Survey Answers: Store owners can offer multiple answer options to their customers. Each of an answer options are displayed as a checkbox, which means that customers can select multiple answers at a time.

Allow Customer Add Other Option: Select “Yes” so that customers can make their own answers to survey questions. Seal Block

Seal Block always displays under Place Order button

There are 3 display Seal Block options:

Enable = No*: Not display Seal Block in One Step Checkout

Enable = Select Static Block*. When the admin selects this option, the Block option will be displayed to admin select the CMS block that he or she wants to act as Seal Block to show outside the Frontend. We also provide you seal block default which is One Step Checkout Seal Content to refer

Enable = Use Default Design*. When choosing this option, admin can customize the images and contents of Seal Block quickly and easily Static CMS Block

Choose Yes to insert Static CMS Blocks into Top/Bottom of One Step Checkout page or insert in Success Page. The display order is set in the Sort Order column

2.2.3. Design Configuration

Open the Design Configuration section, and continue with following:

In the Checkout Page Layout field: Select one of the following layouts to have your checkout page be shown in four different interfaces

1 column
2 columns
3 columns
3 columns with Colspan

In the Design Style field, there are 3 design styles for the One Step Checkout page

Default Design style

Flat Design style. If you choose this, you can customize colors of

Heading Background
Heading Text

Material Design style: If you choose this style, you’ll be able to change

Radio Button
Checkbox button
Material color

In the Place Order button color field: Choose the color for the place order button which should be a highlight to attract shoppers the most.
In the Custom CSS field: You can add the CSS code to custom your own style.

2.3. Other configurations

Sometimes you can't display some minor fields on the checkout page even you've enabled them in the backend configuration. Don't worry that there're no serious technical issue here, please follow those below instructions to display them properly.

2.3.1. Terms and Conditions Configuration

Term and Conditions might not appear on the frontend due to:

Term and Conditions hasn't been created yet. Follow Admin > Stores > Settings > Terms and Conditions > Add New Condition to create a new form.
You haven't turn Term of Magento configuration on`yet. Please go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Checkout Options, set Enable Terms and Conditions to “Yes”.
Then, refer here to learn how to enable the Term and Conditions on the checkout page.

2.3.2. Enable Gift Messages on item

When you enable this option but can't see its icon on the frontend, you might not have allowed the product to have the message. Please log in to Catalog > Product, choose that product you want it to have gift message, enable this below option and save the product.

2.3.3. Add Shipping Method

In general, Magento just displays two basic shipping methods are Flat Rate and Table Rates. To add another shipping method, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration, enter Sale > Shipping Method and follow this guide

2.3.4. Compatible One Step Checkout with Paypal

- One Step Checkout Module can be compatible with Paypal Payment Gateway. To know more about Paypal, please visit here
- Moreover, One Step Checkout also support Braintree, a Paypal service. To know more about Braintree, please visit here

- To configure the Payment methods integrated with One Step Checkout, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Payments Method. Then choose the Payment method you want to configure.

- For Paypal Express Checkout Configuration, please follow the guide here
- For Braintree Configuration, please follow the guide here

2.3.5. Add comment into Order Confirmation Email

To add comment into Order Confirmation Email, please refer the guide here
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