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Mageplaza Required Login which can be applied to any page you want is used to force visitors to log in or register accounts. As a result, you can restrict visitors from accessing the site without logging in as well as generate and manage customer information. After login, admin can redirect customers back to the previous page or to any page you want. And especially with this new Required Login extension, if the number of customer account registrations is sufficient, you can turn off the account creation feature to ensure your site's security.

Download and Install

- Mageplaza Required Login
- How to Install

How to use Required Login

How to configure

1. Configuration

Login to the Magento Admin, choose Stores > Configuration > Required Login.

1.1. General

- Enable: Select Yes to enable the module

- Disable Create Account: Select Yes to disable the Create Account feature. This will prevent customers generating accounts to access to your security sites.

- Login Message:
- Enter the message shown after visitors access the selected pages, they will be automatically redirected to the login page
- If you leave it blank, the default message is: This page requires login to access. Please take some minutes to login first

1.2. Configuration

- Apply for:
- Select the page you want to apply required login. You can choose to apply multiple pages at once. The pages unselected will not be applied login requests.
- You can leave this field blank

- Apply for CMS Page:
- Select the CMS page you want to apply required login. You can choose to apply multiple CMS pages at the same time. The CMS pages unselected will not apply login requests.
- You can leave this field blank

- Include Custom Page: Show a field as text for entering the URL paths which must be separated by a / in the field. Required Login with all pages including the url links entered below. Fro example: /blog, /men/top/t-shirt,...
- Exclude Custom Page:
- Show more fields as text. Enter the URL paths which are separated by a / in the field. Required Login with all pages not including the url links entered below.
- If insert the same URL to both Include Custom Page and Exclude Custom Page, the system will not apply required login to those URLs (means that Exclude Custom Page is prioritized)

- Redirect To:
- Select the page you want visitors to be redirected to after successful login
- Select Custom URL, a text field will appear letting you insert URL. They must be separated by a /
- Home page: Redirect to home page after successful login
- Customer dashboard: Redirect to Customer dashboard after successful login
- Previous Page: Redirect to Previous Page (the page that is required login) after successful login. For example: required login for Home page means that customers will be redirected to Home page after logging in
- This is a required field. If the URL is wrong, there will be a notification: Please enter a valid URL. Protocol is required (http://, https:// or ftp://).

- Apply Redirect for:
- Only require login: Only apply redirecting for the first time login of selected page. The second time login, customers will not be redirected to another site.
- All login on site: Apply redirecting for the selected page whenever customer login
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