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By Mageplaza you can find many extensions that will help online stores improve customer search such as `Magento 2 Layered Navigation`_ and `Magento 2 Advanced Search`_ extension, and `Magento 2 Shop by Brand`_ extension is also one of such great tool. Similar to the navigation, Shop by Brand allows filtering by product attributes, but they are neither color or material or any physical features of the product. The plugin bases on brands (manufacturers) the products are made by.

In this helpful Mageplaza documentation, you will achieve the guide of How to use and How to config on the frontend and backend of Shop by Brand Magento 2 module.

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- Magento 2 Layered Navigation

I. How to use

As soon as installing Shop by Brand completely, your customers can easily search all products under the favorite brands in your inventory. Especially, on its interface, there are 4 ways of shopping by brand:

Mega menu
Search Box
Alphabet Search
Search Category

You will follow these ways here.

1.1 Brands on Mega menu

Right from the top of the Brand page, you’ll able to give a quick overview by a drop-down list brands are available on your storage. The result displays brand with its provided Logo and Label

1.2 Search Box

The search box on Magento 2 Shop by Brand has some functionalities that are alike to Magento 2 Ajax Search by Mageplaza. In the box, entering some words of the brand name and achieving the drop-down results instantly on the current page.

The brand results come with Brand Logo, Brand Name, and Brand Description.

1.3 Alphabet Search

Alphabet Search, placed under Search Box, is represented including "Show All" and the alphabets. Depending on the first characteristic of the brand name, the user will tap on the respective button.

1.4 Search by Category

You can generate specific categories for brands which direct your customers' minds to gravitate toward some certain brands, with fetching categories like "Feature Brands”, "Best Seller Brands”, “Mageplaza’s Brand”, etc. Do not hesitate to plan to promote brands you desire!

II. How to configure

2.1 Configuration

Go to Mageplaza > Shop by Brand > Configuration is a bunch of the basic configuration you need to set up firstly.

2.1.1 General

At the Configuration tab, expand General section, please do the following:

Enable the module when choosing "Yes" to allow customers shop by brand
From the existing list of the product attribute, set Brand Attribute to the correct choice. In this guide, Manufacturer* is the option you have to select
Enter Brand route, if passing it, the default (brands) is applied
Enter Brand Link title or leave it as the default (Brands)
In Show Brand Link in field choose the position of putting brand link: Toplink*, Footer link and Category
At Show brand logos in product page: choose “Enable” to show brand logo in product page
In Show brands in drop-down category menu: choose “Enable” to apply drop-down function at the mega menu.

2.1.2 Sidebar Feature Brand Settings

In Show Feature Brands option “”Yes”” is the default option.
In Title, “Feature Brand” is the default name
In Show title choose “Yes” to show the title you named Brand List Thumbnail

In Show Brand Thumbnail: “Yes” is the default option
In Title, “Feature List” is the default name
In Brand’s quantity limitation 7 brand names in the list is the default number Category Brand

In Show Category Brand: “Yes” is the default option to display the block
In Title, “Brand Category” is the default name
In Category’s quantity limitation 7 categories in the list is the default number
In Show Brand Category Quantity “Yes” is the default option

2.1.3 All Brands Page Settings

Expand All Brands Page Settings section

In Brand list name type your prefered name for the Brand Page title
In Style of Brand List Page includes options to choose the specific order of the brand list
List View
Alphabet Style
In Display Option supports 3 kinds of performance
Logo only
Logo and Label
Label only
In Show Brand Name on Product Listing Page “Yes” is the default option
In Style Color select relevant color of the Shop by Brand's interface
In Show Brand Description set up to show the brand’s description or not
In Show Brand Product Quantity option to enable/disable the number.
In Show Brand Quick View Popup select “Yes” if you want to have it opened in Popup style
Add Custom Css for your own style Brand Filter Function

In Show Brand Categories Filter: choose “Yes” to enable Category filter
In Show Brand AlphaBet Filter “Yes” is the default option
In Brand Alphabet is where you rule the specific alphabet to be filtered, each of alphabet separated by a commas
Character Set means encode key for your store’s language Brand Search Setting

In Show Search Block select “Yes” to enable Instant Search at the Brand page
In Min char default minimum number is 1
In Number of Search result 0 will show unlimited drop-down search result
In Show Thumbnail Image decides to display thumbnail image or not Feature Brand Settings

At Show Feature Brands choose to “Yes” to display.
In Display Featured Brands Style we support 2 styles

Slider View
Simple View

In Title, type a name for your feature brands block
In Display Information allows

Logo only
Logo and Label

In Embedded Code is where you show feature brand block in any place you want. Brand Related Products

In Show Related Products “Yes” means display brand related products block
In Title, type a name for your brand related products block
In Limit field, enter your prefer maximum number of products in the block

2.1.4 Brand Information
Click to expand Brand Information

In Default Image choose a custom stock for Brand. If passing, the product placeholder default image will be used.
In Default Block, choose an available product block to be displayed
Choose to Show Brand Image On Brand Page, Show Brand Description On Brand Page, and Show Brand Static Block On Brand Page or not.

2.1.5 SEO

This is a new sweet treatment for marketing purpose, choose “No” if you don’t wish search engines index pagination pages.

2.2 Categories

This is a separated module to manage Categories on filter searching. Also you can customized some crucial meta data tags like Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords or Meta Robot

To create brand new category, click New Category red button.

To massively set brands into a specific category:

Follow Mageplaza > Shop By Brand: Categories
Select the category you want to apply changes navigate, click Edit
Choose Brand at the left sidebar, a multi-select available brand list will show up.
Click Save Category

2.3 Manage Brands

This module provide a short-cut way for navigating to "manufacturer" workplace, from here you will manage all available brands and create new one. Make you way to Mageplaza > Shop By Brand: Manage Brands

To generate a new brand, follow these steps

All brands are listed under Manage Options section, click on Add option on the bottom of the list, right after, a new row will appear.
Click on Save Config to save the new brand.
Tap Setting to open the "Brand Information" page for configuration.
Under Brand Information section,

Set Page Title for the new brand
Create URL Key
Upload Brand Image from your computer
Set the brand to be displayed on featured brand slider or not in Featured field
Enter Short Description (appear on the search result) and Description (appear on Brand Listing)
Choose the CMS Block to show brand as a static block on anywhere of your page. You can disable it by leave it blank.

Expand Meta Information section, you can complete all fields for your better SEO, including:

Meta Title
Meta Keywords
Meta Description

Save Brand to ensure that the configuration for the new brand is successful.

Note: For the existing brands, you can edit their information via Setting button.

2.4 Bulk import brands

Shop by Brand extension from Mageplaza supports Magento 2 stores to bulk import brands via CSV file.

Go to System > Data Transfer > Import > Import Settings > Entity Type field, choose Mageplaza Shopbybrand to expand Import Behavior and File to Import fields.

Sample csv file:

Offline: Files/Sample/mageplaza_brand.csv

Follow those steps next
In Import Behaviour fiels, choose Import Behaviour* as "Add/Update"
In File to Import field, browse your brand's CSV file in Select file to Import*
Copy the file contains Brands in the csv file to the pub / media / import section of the site

Back to the Import page, click Check data button

After Check Data is completed, select Import near footer to import brand to Shop By Brand. If the brand name in the csv file is included in the file to import, the import will be successful

And a report will inform this. Now you've done all the step to import brand by a CSV file.

2.5 Assign product to brand
This guide helps you classify what brand a product is made by.

On the Admin Panel, Product > Inventory > Catalog.
Select an exact product you want to assign, and open Edit mode under Action column.
On the settings page of the product, you will see Manufacturer field that allows assigning a corresponding brand to that product.

Save the change to complete the brand attachment.
When finish all, the brand logo will display on both Brand Listing Search and the product detailed page of the assigned product.

On Brand Listing

On Product Page

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