Backend Reindex User Guide

Backend Reindex


Backend Reindex by Mageplaza allows store admins to update individual or all indexes manually right from the admin backend easily instead of running command line.

How to download and install

- Download Mageplaza Backend Reindex
- How to Install

How to Configuration

From the admin backend, go to System > Index Management

Reindex one indexer:

At the Action box, click on Reindex Data to reindex each indexer separately.

Reindex some indexers:

- Click to select the indexers you need to reindex
- Select Reindex Data
- Click Submit

Reindex all the indexers

- Click on Mass Actions box, choose Select All
- Select Reindex Data
- Click Submit

User roles with reindex

Step 1: Go to Admin > System > User role

Step 2: Add a new role resource

Fill in role information at Role Information section

Select index management role at Role Resources section, then click on Save Role

Step 3: Set role users for admin accounts, then click on Save Role to finish.

Updated on: 10/07/2019

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