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Customers tend to save their favorite products into Wishlist to review and buy later. However, it is difficult to manage your favorite products when they are focused on one wish list and cannot be categorized, thereby making customer experience worse. Mageplaza Better Wishlist will solve this problem. This module will help customers easily create and update various WishList in accordance with different purchase needs. Thanks to this extension, customers can apply a range of actions to their wishlists such as delete/ move/ share them. Moreover, the module reports the most concerned and most recently added products in Wishlists, which helps help stores improve sales and increase loyal customers quickly by capturing the needs and shopping trends of them.

How to download and install

- Download Mageplaza Better Wishlist
- How to Install Better Wishlish

How to use

1. Customer

- Customers can create/update multiple Wish Lists
- Also, they can copy/move products between Wish Lists

- Add one product to different Wish Lists (Quick View compatible)

2. Admin

- Admin can view and edit the Wish List of each customer
- Have statistics of products quantiy added to Wish List (compatible with Mageplaza Reports)

How to Configure

1. Configuration

From the Admin panel, go to Stores> Configuration> Mageplaza> Better Wishlist

1.1 General Configuration

- Enable: Select Yes to turn on the module.

- Remove Products after Add to Cart: Select Yes to automatically delete the product from the Wishlist after Add to cart.

- Enable Multiple Wishlists:
- Choose Yes so the admin can configure some settings on multiple wishlist, including Show All Item Tab, Default Wishlist(s), Allow customers to create Wishlists.
- Show All Item Tab: Select`Ye` to display a tab containing all Products of the Wishlists.

- Default Wishlist(s):
- Add and delete the Wishlist Categories displayed by default in Wishlists.
- Customer cannot change the names of these Wishlist Categories

- Allow customers to create Wishlists:
- Select Yes to allow customers to create a Wishlist Category.
- Show more Limit Number fields of Wishlists created by customer to limit the number of wishlist categories created by customers.
- If you leave it blank or enter 0 then the default number of wishlist customers created is 5.
- For admins, they can create numerous Wishlists without being affected by Limit Number of Wishlists created by customers.

2. Edit Wishlist of Customer

- Each Wishlist Category and each Product added to the wishlist is saved in the Wishlist tab at the backend Customer details page. To edit them, admins can go to Customers> All Customers

- Admin can do the following actions:
- Create or rename the Wishlist Category
- Add products to any Wishlist Category
- Make a copy, move one product from this Wishlist Category to another Wishlist Category
- Remove Product from Wishlist Category
- Change the color and size of Configurable products

3. Report on number of customers who have added wishlist for each Product

- From the Admin panel, go to Reports> Better Wishlist> Wishlist Report

Updated on: 10/07/2019

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